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William Morris Inspired Silk Prints

 Today we would like to share with you our William Morris Inspired silk prints. This print collection was inspired by the wallpaper and home textiles by William Morris and his firm of craftsmen, reimagined in new colour ways and complementary patterns. 

One of the most famous names in the V&A collection, Morris’ legacy can be found all over the museum – not only in its extensive collection of decorative arts, but also in the very fabric of the building which Morris helped to design. Inspired by this great advocate of Arts and Crafts principles, Beckford Silk’s resulting collection embodies the charm, warmth and flair of one of the most enduring decorative styles of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

From Jasmine, a scrolling pattern of leaves and blossom originally designed by Morris in 1872, to John Henry Dearle’s popular Seaweed design from 1901 and the rich berries of Arbutus created in 1903 by Kathleen KerseyBeckford Silk’s fabrics represent timeless patterns in new materials and a mix of bold and subtle shades.  

Winter Berry

Arbutus wallpaper
Kathleen Kersey
England, 1903

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Winter Berry carefully reworks the original Arbutus design by Kathleen Kersey, a member of the Morris & Co. design studio. Winter Shadows in three colourways is a print adapted from the bushy branches of the evergreen shrub also known as the Strawberry Tree.

Seaweed & Sea Foam

The original source material from the V&A’s archives

Seaweed wallpaper J.H. Dearle (1859–1932) England, 1901 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

J.H. Dearle’s Seaweed wallpaper carries on the tradition of Morris’ Arts and Crafts style but is also a melting pot of influence and creativity as Dearle studied the Turkish and Persian textiles in the South Kensington Museum (now the V&A). The tiny dots in the background inspired Beckford Silk’s complimentary print, evocative of seafoam and spray left behind by the tide. 

The William Morris inspired silk prints have been designed to work as complementaries, for you to mix and match in your own unique creation.

Jasmine & Garland

The original source material from the V&A’s archives

Jasmine wallpaper William Morris (1834–96) England, 1872 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Celebrating the designs of William Morris from the V&A’s archive, Beckford Silk has produced Jasmine in three colourways based on Morris’ intricate wallpaper design as well as creating a print of its own Garland inspired by the hawthorn leaves and florals that meander across the pattern.

The William Morris Inspired silk prints are just one of several print collections, which we have created in collaboration with the V&A. Do visit our website to see more fabric prints inspired by the V&A archive collections. www.beckfordsilk.co.uk

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