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Wave – New Silk Fabric Print

This bold and colourful new fabric print celebrates the Art Deco Movement, one of the most innovative and vibrant periods of textile design. Deco design typically favoured bold lines and geometric shapes; the Wave print artfully combines the two with its striking colour contrast and simple but visually impressive elements.

This angular geometric design is based on a fabric produced by the Calico Printers’ Association in 1936 in the V&A collection. Encompassing an impressive stylistic breadth, the Lancashire textile firm produced compelling roller-printed patterns in imaginatively combined and vivid colours, which represented a late blooming of the Art Deco style in Britain.

Sample, printed cotton with a pattern of curved and zig zag stripes in green, blue, red and orange, design registration no 360790 Calico Printers’ Association Manchester 1936
Wave – Pinks and Green
Wave – Blue and Purple
Wave – Orange and Teal

We have chosen these colours for their timeless tones and rich qualities. The Wave print is such a versatile design and would look wonderful as a dress or top this autumn.

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