V&A – Print Collaboration

Japanese Lacquer

We’re excited to share with you the second of the two ranges which we have created in collaboration with the V&A. One of the V&A’s great strengths is its gallery of Japanese art and design. Many of its objects explore the Japanese attitude to nature. From kimono to netsuke, the natural world is central to Japanese aesthetics. This collection of fabrics is decorated with blossom and rich, leafy foliage motifs worked in traditional lacquer work techniques.

Eastern Blossom

The practice of lacquer work has existed in Japan since prehistoric times and has been used to produce a diverse array of objects from household furniture to the samurai armour. This elegant pattern of delicate spring blossoms – also revered in Japan – is based on a writing box from the 16th century, held in the V&A’s East Asia collection.


Eastern Blossom – Silk Satin

Eastern Fans

The mother-of-pearl detailing on this lacquer-inspired collection is based on an intricate Japanese inro box in the V&A collection. Designed for holding small objects, suspended from the obi (sash) worn around the waist when wearing a kimono, the beautiful 19th-century object is adorned with motifs from the natural world.  

Eastern Fans – Silk Satin with Aqua dyed Silk Satin
Eastern Vines – Silk Satin with Teal dyed Silk Satin

Both Eastern Fans and Eastern Vines, have been created from the same inspiration. These are stunning prints which would make beautiful outfits especially if you have a special occasion, or an evening event to look forward to. Do go to the website to find out more information, use the links included in the blog.

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