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Uluru – Silk Fabric Print

A collaboration with artist Antonia Black

When I saw this landscape painting by Antonia Black in her studio I knew it would make a fantastic silk fabric print. ‘Uluru’ was a painted by Antonia during her trip to Australia. She painted it on site whilst she sat in a bus, during a storm. The first painting was a watercolour. Before painting the final blown up version in gouache when she returned home. ‘Uluru’ is the Aboriginal name for mountain. The stunning colours and the details of the gum trees below Ayers Rock are striking within her painting.

I started this design by taking the gum tree elements including the colourful water which they are in. I created a staggered repeat of the trees across the width of the fabric design. Making the scale smaller than the original painting. Then I introduced details of the orange rock and the blue of the sky to add depth to the background. But made sure that it all stayed in keeping with Antonia’s painting style.

I know this painting holds lots of memories for Antonia and her return visit to Australia. So it was wonderful to work on this silk fabric print. Do watch this short video to learn how this painting came about from Antonia’s visit back to Australia.

Creating a fabric which was bold and reflected all the elements of the ‘Uluru’ painting was a really enjoyable project. The whole of Antonia Black’s signature collection is so vibrant. Each one inspired by her paintings. To see more about this collaboration and all the prints we developed with Antonia, then do have a look at this BLOG.

To buy the silk print from the Antonia Black collection do visit our website – Click Here

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