Tranquility – New Print for Summer

We are very excited to introduce our new Tranquility fabric print, this is the ideal print design to create your summer me – make! It is a beautiful flowing design, created in house by our lead designer. The design was developed using watercolours to paint organic shapes and create different soft tones of colour.

Tranquility has been developed into three colour ways. Which gives lots of choice to add various solid silk fabric colours to pair with the fabric print. In order to create different outfits.

So it you are thinking of making a dress out of the Tranquility – Blues. But would like a jacket in a colour to match the print. We have paired it up with the Blue Purple plain dyed silk. Which would create the ideal outfit for any special event through out the summer.

The Tranquility – Purple, is a beautiful soft purple, with tones of grey in the background. It would team really well with our Heather. Here we have shown it in our silk satin. Which adds a lovely sheen to the surface of the silk fabric.

The last colour way of the collection is the Tranquility – Pinks. This is a stunning, bold version of the Tranquility design. It would look fantastic as a long skirt, which could be paired with a plain coloured top. Here we have selected Poppy, from our plain dyed silk range. Which would compliment the Tranquility – Pinks and make a lovely outfit for any special summer occasion.

I hope you will agree that this is a beautiful fabric print. Which will make such a lovely garment. If you have be wondering what silk print to use on your next project, then do consider ordering a swatch of this print.

To find the Tranquility prints on our website, you can use the links on this blog. Thank you for reading – I hope you found it helpful.

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