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The Paisley Print

Our Paisley print is a lovely addition to our fabric print collection. The design was created by our in house designer. It is inspired by the ornamental paisley design using the curved teardrop shaped motif.

The Paisley pattern can be traced back from Indian to European cultures many years ago. Since then it has been interpreted in many design forms across lots of cultures. Which has led to the term ‘paisley’ becoming renowned throughout the world.

The paisley design here at Beckford Silk, started life as hand drawn illustrations using pen and pencil. The elaborate paisley shapes were created individually, these drawings would then make up the overall repeated design. Which would then be scanned in and manipulated on Photoshop, to create the repeat fabric design.

Then the paisley design would be made into the colour ways. This is very time consuming, as we want to find the best combination of colours. So we do lots of colour tests, to make sure that we are happy with the final colour choices.

Once the colour work has been finalised we can then print the design on to fabric lengths.

If you would like to see more about the Paisley prints please click HERE to go to our website.

If you would like to see how the Paisley Print in Blues dress was made – then here is a link to our step by step BLOG. – Enjoy!

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