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Swatches and Why They Are Important!

When you are starting a project and you’re unsure about what colour or weight of fabric, then purchasing swatches really helps with the final decision. You may also find that you can’t depend on the colours on the computer screen. Which is why swatches are so important when deciding on your fabrics for your sewing project.

The swatches are sent out with information labels

On the Beckford Silk website we do try to get the fabric photos as close to the actual colour and silk type as we can. But all computers screens show colours differently so it’s near impossible to get an exact match to the fabric when looking at your screen. Ordering a swatch will help you to see a small piece of the fabric, making your decision for the project much easier before buying a whole length of cut fabric.

We can also experience batch differences with the dyeing processes. If you have a project that you want all to be the same colour. Then defiantly purchase for your whole project altogether then you know it will be from the same dyed batch.

All our swatches are pre-cut ready to be sent out.

If you are really unsure about the colour you want then we do offer a full range colour card which shows you all our colours which we can dye for your project. (Click on the image below to take you to our full range colour card page on our website)

So when you start thinking about your next project and you are unsure about the colour you need or the weight of silk. Then do use our swatch service to help with your final choice.

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