Silk Jacquard – Beautiful Weave Designs and Colours

This month we have been loving our Silk Jacquards. Especially as you lovely customers have been choosing some spectacular colours for your me- made projects! So we thought we would share them with you.

In case you haven’t used Silk Jacquard before, then here is a bit of information about the ones we have here at Beckford Silk. We currently have 5 different woven design to choose from, the pattern is woven directly into the material. The weight of the Silk Jacquard is similar to our medium weight silk crepe de chine. So would be perfect for most dresses and tops, it would also make a fantastic lining for coats.

We buy the Silk Jacquard in white, which we then dye in-house to the stock colour of your choice from our website. Today we have been dyeing Silk Jacquard Leaves in Tangerine and also Deep Pink. Here you can see them being dyed on our one of our winches. Then going through the drying process, where it is stretch right out and put through a machine called a stentor. Which has a large oven in the middle to dry the dyed silk, before it is added to the roll ready to be cut and sent out to the customer.

Winch dyed Jacquard – Tangerine
The silk Jacquard – Deep Pink on the Stentor, going through the large oven.
Putting the silk on the roll
Ready to cut the length to be sent out to our customer
Here is Silk Jacquard – Paisley, – Candy

Each weave design is different and creates wonderful textures on the surface of the silk. It is an excellent choice if you wanted a subtle, elegant pattern to your garment.

Which Silk Jacquard design and colour will you choose to be dyed for your next beautiful sewing project?

Thank you for reading todays blog – we hope you will join us again soon.

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