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Silk Fabric Print – Moroccan Flowers

This silk fabric print is part of a collection by Antonia Black. We collaborated with her to create five repeat fabric prints using details from Antonia’s paintings. Throughout this blog you can see how Moroccan Flowers developed from a painting into a silk fabric print.

The first time I’d seen this painting, I knew that the details I would use for the repeat print would be the flowers. I had considered using the blue jug, to add something quirky. But I struggled to make it work, as it became too prominent in the design. So I just kept it to the vivid flowers as an all over print.

The design is non directional, which allows the maker to place the garment pattern on the fabric without the need to match up the repeat design. By selecting the just the flowers from Antonia’s painting it has created a wonderful all over repeat design in vibrant colours. For the background I took elements of the painterly ground featured in the painting – but also kept some areas white.

Once I was happy with the design on the computer. I sent the file to the printer to colour test it and to check the scale. Some of the pinker flowers in the painting weren’t matching in the silk fabric print. So I did adjust them to enhance the pinks. The final proofing came out really well and Antonia was delighted with the results.

Do watch the video below, when Antonia had a chat with us about the Moroccan Flowers painting. Which inspired the silk fabric print.

As a designer it’s wonderful to work with artist on projects like this. I enjoy seeing their work becoming wearable art for sewers and makers to create wonderful garments and accessories.

To see more about this collaboration and all the prints we developed with Antonia, then do have a look at this BLOG.

To have a look at our signature print collection on our website then – CLICK HERE

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