Antonia Black – a new silk print collaboration!

Antonia Black is an artist with a bold, distinctive style of painting. We have collaborated with her to create five eye catching silk fabric prints. Antonia has a love for painting landscapes and style life. Her enthusiastic and positive personality is reflected in her artwork.

Antonia Black was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1938 and she began her creative life at 
The National Art School in Sydney.

Arriving in London at The Slade School of Fine Art in 1961 – 1967 Antonia found that Watercolour was too ‘thin’ to paint with. As an oil painter and watercolourist discovering Gouache (opaque watercolour) gave her the added  intensity of oil  that she needed as a colourist, it changed everything.  Suddenly colours started to appear and burst through onto the white paper! Still life paintings became more exhilarating, colours were blended and all from her many palettes.

Together we chose five paintings which we took details from to develop the final silk prints. Each fabric print is a gorgeous array of colour. The textures of the different medias which Antonia uses in her paintings can be seen in the details of the silk prints. Antonia’s main choice of media is gouache, which she also combines with conte crayon, pastels and sepia ink. The vivid colours of the silk prints are a true representation from the original paintings.


This bright silk fabric print is inspired by the painting ‘Uluru” by Antonia Black. The gum trees and details of Ayers rock taken from the painting make up the fabric repeat. It’s bold colours and shapes are a reflection of Antonia’s artwork. You can see the textures of the gouache paint through out the silk fabric print.

Poppies and Insects

Poppies and Insects is a stunning painting by Antonia Black. Using gouache, pastel, Conte crayon and sepia ink. She has created an artwork of geraniums and poppy heads with ink drawn insects scattered amongst the painting. It’s these delicate details which have been used within the fabric repeat. The flowers and insects look exquisite when printed onto the silk fabric. It creates an elegant fabric ready to be made into a garment for any special occasion.


This fabric repeat is a detail taken from a painting by Antonia Black. The painting depicts Australian bottle brush flowers, a French jug, and a Moroccan bowl of fruits, including gooseberries. The detail of the gooseberries is what make up the silk fabric repeat. Antonia used gouache, crayon, pastel and sepia ink to create this artwork. The close up detail on the silk fabric shows the texture and style of Antonia’s artwork. She paints using the colour palette of reds, blues and yellows. As you can see it has created a beautiful fabric repeat.

Camel Tea Pot

This exciting fabric has been developed from the ‘Camel Jug’ painting by Antonia Black. Using elements from this striking painting. Which includes as chair, a camel jug (her favourite one) and a Moroccan tea pot. The fabric is a fantastic repeat, which is completely unique. It would make a wonderful statement piece to any wardrobe.

Moroccan Flowers

Using her favourite turquoise jug from Morocco. Antonia has  painted ‘Moroccan Flowers’ with pen and ink, and drawn into it using a bamboo pen. The beautiful reds, oranges and turquoise of the flowers are balanced by the bold background. The overall effect creates a visually stunning silk fabric print.

It’s been a joy to create these fabric prints and to work with Antonia. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have working on this project. You can view the silk fabrics on our website – HERE

To find out more about Antonia Black do visit her website – CLICK HERE

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