Silk Bamboo

Today we want to share with you our new Bamboo silk. Which has been dyed in-house and can been seen in six gorgeous colours. The silk bamboo has a very soft feel to it and it feels wonderful next to your skin. It is a lovely medium weight and would be perfect for creating garments with a soft drape. The silk bamboo is sourced from sustainable managed bamboo forests.

Cobalt Blue – Silk Bamboo

The fibre has a natural wick away properties which makes you feel cool in the summer heat. Which makes it fantastic for summer tops and dresses, especially if you’re looking forward to a holiday abroad this year.

Testing samples
Recipe book for dye testing

The Silk Bamboo has gone through a long process of colour testing to get the perfect colours for our collection. See below for the stock colours in our Silk Bamboo – do click on an image if you want to learn more about them our website.

Cobalt Blue
Duck Egg
Dusky Pink
Olive Green
Shocking Pink

We do hope to add more colours to our Silk Bamboo stock range in the near future. What colours would you like to see for your next project? – just add your comments below.

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