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Reasons to Visit a Wedding Fair

Planning a wedding day can be very daunting, I know I’ve done it! Visiting a Wedding Fair can take the stress out of all the organising. Its such fun day and its helps formulate those decisions which will make your big day unforgettable. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why visiting a wedding fair is so helpful!

Choosing ‘The Dress’

A Wedding Fair can provide a great starting point for the hunt to your perfect wedding dress. Seeing a selection of dresses in person, instead of on a website. Makes it so much easier to make the decision about what you like – or don’t like! I remember having a clear image of the dress I thought I wanted. However I chose something completely different once trying on several styles, including dresses I never thought I’d actually like!

You may want to go down the bespoke wedding dress route for that truly unique wedding gown. Attending a wedding fair allows you to make contacts with dressmakers who can help you create your dream bridal gown.

Choosing a ‘Colour Theme’

You may have already thought of your colour theme for your wedding. It might be brought together by several colours. These maybe used in the flowers you choose or the bridesmaids dresses. Also the invitation colours and the table settings. To make sure that you get matching colours it’s important to see products in person. A wedding fair makes sure you are able to chat to suppliers about your colour theme. Maybe you have colour swatches you can bring, to show suppliers your theme.

Here at Beckford Silk, we have had bridal parties bring paint swatches to show us. Also we have found fabric colours for bridesmaids dresses to match shoes and accessories.

Meeting Suppliers

It’s so important to meet the businesses who are going to help you make your day extra special. A face to face chat can give you the reassurance that they are the best company for you. As you will have many conversations with them up to your big day. So you must feel comfortable to chat with them about your wants and needs. Finding local suppliers for your wedding is also a massive bonus, it makes it easier to attend appointments for making those crucial decisions.

You Will Find Out What You Don’t Want!

It will help you narrow down your ideas. Seeing things in person helps with part of the planning process for the big day. Also wedding fairs can show you something different which you maybe haven’t thought about. I know when I was looking for bridesmaid dresses I thought I wanted solid blue to match my colour theme. But on seeing some printed dresses – in lots of blue tones, that totally changed my mind!

Have a Fun Day!

A wedding fair is a super fun day out. It’s time to share with those closest to you who are looking forward to your wedding the most. So bring your mum, aunties, besties….

To Conclude

A wedding fair is such a fun day and can help get many things done from your wedding list. It gives you access to suppliers who can answer your questions and find solutions to make things easier for you on your wedding day.

We are currently organising our first ever wedding fair here at Beckford Silk on Saturday 25th March 10am to 5pm. Do come along and meet local Gloucestershire suppliers we have carefully selected for their ethos of high quality, creativity and customer care.

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