Prints By Jessica

Today we would like to introduce you to Jessica Benjamin – she has created a wonderful print collection which is now available in our signature prints. Here she explains about what inspires her designs and how she created this beautiful range of silk fabrics.

Growing up in the beautiful countryside of Herefordshire, I am constantly inspired by the texture, colour and pattern of the rolling hills surrounding me. Being able to step outside the door with a paintbrush in hand ready to capture the ever-changing scenery gives me such pleasure. Exploring my family history of the area and observing old photographs has been an interesting way of making my designs personal and unique. 

I love to use bright, contemporary colour palettes to portray the energy and excitement of a country lifestyle and enhance patterns. Being a natural pattern maker, I enjoy using a range of techniques to create my designs such as painting, drawing, mono-printing, collaging, screen printing, lino-printing, rubbings, etc.  

This luxury fashion print collection is inspired from the rural countryside of Herefordshire; extracting the pattern, colour and texture from my family farm to portray the energy and beauty in a farming lifestyle. Initially I explored the local landscape, but then became inspired by Bliss Hall Farm, an old family farm. I studied old family photographs and captured the detail in the derelict barns and old farm machinery.

Harvest Print

As I explored old family photographs, I became interested in the pattern and texture of the crops . I studied the harvested grasses and recreated the organic structures using ink, graphite and gouache. I was also drawn to the exciting patterns in the maps from the book ‘The History of the Countryside’ by Oliver Rackham’, so added these linear structures into my work to add a contemporary twist. 

Harvest – Moon Blues
Harvest – Gold
A3 ink patterns inspired from the dried crops on Garway Hill and the cross-hatched maps in my historical research.

Wheat Sheaves Print

I’ve created mono printed artworks to add the texture, taking inspiration from the multimedia artist Richard Long’s organic structures. These designs have been pulled apart, combined and developed digitally to produce a detailed seamless repeat print with vibrant colour.

Wheat Sheaves – Grey and Orange
Wheat Sheaves – Red and Orange

Tyres Print

This print was initially created as large instillation pieces on waney-edged board. I took inspiration from Alexander McQueen’s 1995 collection where he rolled painted tyres over his pieces minutes before they were sent down the catwalk! I rolled painted tyres onto the boards in organic patterns to show the continuous movement and work that goes into farming. This was then developed digitally to form an all over repeat.

Tyres – Red and Marine

I’m sure you’ll agree that Jessica has created a beautiful collection, the colours are fantastic! Its so hard to choose which one I would use for my next project. Do go to our signature collection to find out more about the prints by Jessica from our website. Do you have a favourite from Jessica’s print designs? Do let us know in the comments below.

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