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Peter Vaillant -Signature Print

Today we are very excited to introduce to you the acclaimed British Abstract artist, Peter Vaillant. In 2021 Peter approached Beckford Silk to produce a silk scarf to promote a London Exhibition. This led to a collaboration with him on two fabric designs taken from his stunning paintings. Which are now part of Beckford Silk’s signature fabric collection.  

Peter Vaillant with his artworks

Peter uses the media of painting and sculpture to create his vibrant and unique abstract artwork. All of by using palette knifes and Acrylic paint which is applied to either Canvas or Aluminium board. This technique allows him to build up the colours and textures of the final artwork.

Peter’s artwork has been exhibited in the UK, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, USA ,Dubai, Hong Kong and Australia. Liverpool Cathedral, acquired ‘Praise’ a wonderful painting this hangs along side other chosen artists artwork of Tracey Emin and Dame Elisabeth Frink.

His artwork is influenced either by architectural or nature studies. This work may commence on a year of colour diaries. Recording the colour, form, and light of the intended subject location. These recorded studies are later manipulated and used by Peter to help develop and create the final artwork.

.’Keynote’ and ‘Flamboyant’ are beautiful in colour and you are able to see the texture of Peter’s painting techniques within the printed designs.

Peter Vaillant’s vibrant fabric prints are such a colourful addition to our signature collection. They would make a stunning statement garment. Adding a splash of colour to any outfit. My favourite is ‘Keynote’, this would be spectacular choice to make a summer camisole or Kimono for a sunny vacation.

This collaboration was such fun project to be part of, Peters Vaillant’s paintings have created such beautiful fabrics. The prints are fantastic wearable art, which is enjoyable to wear. Which one will be your favourite?

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