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New Plain Dyed Silk Fabric Colours

Out with the old and in with the new! – Over time colours change with trends and fashion. Some colours are no longer very popular. Which means we will look at our current plain dyed silk colours which we stock and make some changes. After some colour research this year we have replaced five colours, with five new and fresh colours. Ready for the new fashion trends.

Picking the colours

To start with we look at the colours we already stock – seeing if we have any gaps our plain dyed silk fabric collection. Dressmakers also occasionally ask for colours if they are trying to match a colour for a project. Sometime this can influence a colour choice. By researching the current colour trends it is very helpful to make the decision about which colours to choose.

The new colours start off as Pantone paper swatches. We also use coloured reels of thread or small fabric samples. This is so the dyer has a colour reference to start from.

Creating the dye recipes

All the dye recipes are made from scratch, so each colour is unique to Beckford Silk. Making the right recipe to find the correct colour is a great skill. It can take multiple attempts to create the right colour. By adding different dyes and quantities the dyer can get the best result. Which will end up close to the original chosen colour.

Ready for the final stage

The final stage is to dye the rolls of silk fabric. At Beckford we dye on winch dye machines. The cloth is sewn end to end, into the batch and over the paddle, in lengths of about 20 meters.

When the paddle turns, the cloth continually moves in the water, assuring even colour distribution. The water, with the dye, is raised slowly in temperature by injecting steam. To reach 90c it may take nearly an hour. This temperature is held for another hour and then reduced, before draining and rinsing. Throughout the process the dyer will cut small swatches off the end or edge of the fabric, to check the colour take-up.

The New Plain Dyed Silk Colours…

We now have the new fabrics ready in stock – let me introduce you to those new stock colours.


This jewel like colour is a deep, rich red which is a glorious autumnal colour. It looks beautiful when next to our Winter Berries Print. It really brings out the red colour of the berries.

Light Plum

This is a gorgeous purple/red colour. With hints of soft plum shades, not being too dark it will work as a tonal colour for lots of types of garments. We have coordinated it with printed Lively – Ripple Blue – as is works well with the blue and the plum highlights in the print.

Dusky Lime

A rich elegant lime colour. Really unusual, and not like vibrant lime. Which makes it more appealing. As a subtle shade it is very pretty. It sits well with Tree Blossom green, as this silk print has hints of Dusky Lime.

Eucalyptus Green

A subtle dark green/blue, which is soft in colour. This is a shade that’s not as dark as a bottle green. It is a mid tone colour. This gorgeous green works well with silk print – Raining cats. They really complement each other and it would work as an outfit.

Ocean Green

A beautiful Green/blue which reminds me of the clear sea in the Mediterranean. It is a new favourite of mine! This is a stunning colour which would add such a fresh look to any outfit. It is a great match is our silk print Waves, Green. I can see these two working well together, as a dress and jacket maybe?

These are our new beautiful colours, they will be stocked in our silk crepe de chine medium, silk satin medium and silk Habotai – which new colour is your favourite?

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