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Naomi Print Dress in Brilliant Green

I’ve finally found the perfect dress pattern to make from my current favourite Beckford Silk print – the Naomi in Brilliant Green. It is printed on to silk crepe de chine, which has a matt surface to the silk. As I wanted to created a dress which had a casual, everyday feel to it. The pattern is by Tilly and the Buttons, it is called Stevie and is a modern boxy shape, with a round neckline and closes at the back with pretty ties. The pattern comes with amazing step by step instructions, which are easy to follow. Do read on to see how the make came together.

After cutting out the pattern pieces – I added the iron on interfacings to the facing pieces.

I’m using a light weight interfacing for the pieces round the neckline. I found this gave enough structure when ironed on to the silk crepe de chine.

I started out using clips to put pieces together. But I found using pins much easier. I used fine dressmaking pins, which didn’t seem to mark the silk. So I carried on using them through out this make.

Here I have pinned the top of the back yolk on to the front of the dress. The yolk on the back of the dress makes a lovely detail.

The next step was to make the ties for the back of the dress. These were very fiddly, as once you have sewn them they needed to be turned. It is recommended in the instructions to use a knitting needle to help. I didn’t have one to hand, so used the end of a paint brush! – it seemed to work. But it took a while to get them turned properly!

I then pressed the ties and stitched them on to the back of the dress. The dress is now started to come together and look more like the picture on the pattern instructions!

The neckline took a bit of patience to put on. As I needed to line up all the notches. It was easier to pin the facings to the shoulder seams first and then pin round before sewing into place.

I then stitched up the side seams.

Next I had to find out how to make the cuffs. As I’ve never had to add cuffs to a garment before, this was new to me. But the instructions on the pattern were very clear and I soon managed to create both cuffs without any problems. These were then pinned onto the arm holes and stitched on, leaving one side to be folded over the seam. To then be pressed and hand stitched so that the seam was no longer visable.

I then finished the dress by stitching the hem in to place.

I found this dress such a dream to make, the silk crepe de chine is such a lovely fabric to work with. The dress is such a floaty shape, which lends it self to being made from the silk crepe de chine. Also it feels so light and airy to wear, especially in the hot weather we have been experiencing. Making it my go-to summer dress this year.

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