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Monochrome Prints

Monochrome is a print using just one colour or tones of a single colour. Today I have put together our black, white and grey tonal prints for you to see. For those of you who like some added colour. I’ve included prints which have an accent colour into the black and white design. They are worth a look! I’ve always thought that monochrome prints are timeless classics and they will always be in fashion throughout the year. The black and white is such a striking combination that any ‘me made’ garment will look stunning in these prints.

Willow Leaf

Our first monochrome design is Willow Leaf. This is a classic leaves print with bold shapes in black, white and grey. It was designed by the owner of Beckford Silk, James Gardner. Who was inspired by the willow trees surrounding the pond here in the grounds of Beckford Silk.

Marbling Print

Marbling – Greys
Marbling – Grey tones

The Marbling print is a recent addition to our fabric collection and is becoming a favourite of mine. I do like the tonal greys, going from a dark charcoal to a light silver in a beautiful swirling pattern.


Papillote is a french name for quince sweets wrapped in twisted paper. These sweets were invented in Lyon by a confectioner named Papillot. This abstract black and white design is fabulous, and would make a show-stopping outfit!

Painted Blossom

The painted blossom print is a stunning tonal grey. The flower shapes are large in scale creating a very pretty repeat. I think it would make a beautiful shift dress. It’s such a versatile print it would be really easy to accessorise. What about adding an electric blue silk scarf to the outfit? Or perhaps some bright coloured shoes in cerise pink, this would add some extra glam!

Arches – Black and White

This striking pattern embellishing this silk fabric comes from a design by F. Gregory Brown (1887–1941) for William Foxton in the V&A’s textile collection. The undulating design of zigzags and diamonds is unmistakably Art Deco.

Lilies Print & Bauhaus Print

The Lilies print and the Bauhaus print are slightly alternative options. They are monochrome with a splash of a pink in the design. The Lilies print has a shocking pink to the black and white. This adds a fantastic pop of colour. In contract the Bauhaus design uses a subtle pastel pink within the blocks of black and tonal grey. Which breaks up the grey colours creating a soft look across the silk fabric print.

These black and white prints would look wonderful as an outfit for any occasion. Even the simplest of shaped dresses would look sophisticated using a monochrome print. I hope this has inspired you to be creative and maybe add some monochrome to your wardrobes!

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