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Matching Silk Prints with Plain Dyed Silk

Coordinating silk prints with a plain dyed silk to create a mix and match wardrobe can be really fun to do. Fabric prints can be paired with different plain coloured fabrics. Allowing you to create your own interchangeable wardrobe. In this blog you will find a few examples from our most popular prints, to show how well they work with different colours from our plain dyed fabric collection.


The first most popular silk fabric print is ‘Seaweed’ which I have match to three different types of plain dyed colours.

The William morris, ‘Seaweed’ print design is a great choice of fabric, offering many colour combinations that will work within an outfit.


Jasmine ‘Vintage blues’, is a soft fabric print design, a popular spring colour. Here I have combined with plain dyed colours, Slate Grey, Ecru and Pewter, they create a wonderful look to an outfit. The softer plain dyed colours pick out the lighter flowers and foliage in the Jasmine silk fabric print.

‘Iris Blue’

A stunning print – which would make a show stopping outfit, is ‘Iris Blue’, by Anne Joelle Galley. The blues in this print are very strong and would sit nicely with our Electric blue or Celeste Blue. The pop of orange colour is very bright, and is a good match to Bright Orange from our plain dyed colour range.


‘Gauguin’, is a bold silk fabric print, this has lots of beautiful colours. We would recommend Indigo, as a good match to this print.


This is soft abstract print, with lots of beautiful tones of colour within the print. Here I’ve team it with Pistachio and Pale Gold. As these subtle colours bring out the lighter shades in the silk print.

Coordinating separates using prints and plain fabrics are a great way to create a mix and match wardrobe. As an example, a printed blouse could be paired with plain matching fabric for a skirt or trousers. Or a plain dyed jacket with a sewn printed silk dress. This combination would allow you to wear them together or separately, depending on the occasion.

By adding a complimentary plain colour to a printed fabric this can elevate your whole outfit. Your choice could be a contrasting or matching colour. Certain plain colours that match elements of the printed fabric, can highlight details within the print. Creating a unique look to your sewn garment.

Do take a look at this BLOG to see our Spring plain dyed colours and fabric prints. Or if you are interested in dyed Woven Silk Jacquard then go to this BLOG and take a look at the videos.

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