Look !!!! – New Scarf

Today we would like to introduce – Benoit Gardner. A very talented painter based in central London. He has designed the “Partial Eclipse” scarf for us, using vibrant colours and geometric shapes. Carry on reading to find out more about Benoit and how this wonderful scarf has been created for us.

Born on 11th April 1969 and grew up in the village of Beckford in Gloucestershire. In 1997, moved to London, then in 2020 I moved to Hertford. I was brought up in an arts environment. my Parents started a printing company, Beckford Silk Ltd in the early 70’s, which remains family run to this day.

In 1992, graduated from Cheltenham Collage of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting. Since then, I have been involved in numerous design-based projects, which include; mural painting, interior shop design, textiles and product design. In 2013, I decided to return to painting, which I currently do alongside working as a picture framer for a specialist art gallery in central London,

I like working with vibrant colour. For this scarf I had in mind Matisse in his way of working and also the painter Sir Terry Frost. I wanted to keep the shapes bold. I have colours that I use often in my abstract paintings, so I painted up paper, then constructed the design through collage working on a strong red ground, once I felt I had something that worked, I photographed it and took into photoshop to make a repeat. I wanted the design to have a slight floral geometric feel, with the yellow stalks and leaves.

Thank you to Benoit for creating such an eye catching scarf for Beckford Silk. Partial Eclipse is available on our website if you are interested in adding this summery coloured scarf to your wardrobe, do follow the link above. Or if you would like to learn more about Benoit’s paintings then do visit his website: www.benoitgardner.com or Instagram page: @gardnerbenoit

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