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Iris Grace – Silk Fabric Prints

Iris Grace is an extremely talented child, on the Autistic Spectrum who expresses herself through painting. We are excited to introduce our new fabric collection by Iris Grace as part of our signature prints. Iris combines beautiful soft colours to create stunning artwork. . We are delighted to be able to work with her and share her talents with you. Using her painted artwork we have develop three silk printed fabric designs.

In the early days life itself seemed distressing for Iris. She was withdrawn, not speaking and seemed to be locked away behind her books, avoiding all social and eye contact, and not developing language.  She was highly sensitive to noise and other stimuli.  It was only when she was in nature or left alone with the colourful pages and stories of her books that she could be calm, but because of her lack of speech she seemed locked into her own world.  Slowly, her mother Arabella, learned how to connect with her by following her interests, seeing the world of nature through her eyes and allowing her to set the pace. It wasn’t always an easy road, but it led to Iris discovering her talents as a painter. When she was in front of her painting table, her incredible ability to focus shone. 

Where you find Iris you will also find Thula, her best friend. Who has helped Iris to open up and grow in confidence.

Within the three designs you can see details of brushstrokes, which adds texture to the prints. You can see subtle colour changes throughout the prints, some colours going from light to dark as it changes across the fabric. This element of the fabric would make sewing a garment very interesting. As you can choose areas for your pattern placement, to create really unique outfits. Especially using the different areas when making a panelled dress or top.

Raining Cats

A gentle mix of blues and earthy tones, ‘Raining Cats’ features in the Sunday Times Bestseller ‘Iris Grace’ and here is an extract from the book about this extraordinary painting.

In the heart of the garden the three of them sit quietly together: Iris, Thula and Tree Stump. A place to think, to be still and to find peace in a busy and sometimes confusing world. With storm clouds fast approaching I call Iris indoors. Thula follows her best friend and gets into position on the painting table. She purrs as Iris starts to mix some colours on to the paper. The rain starts to fall heavily upon their kingdom out in the garden. They watch for a while from the window as the stump turns a darker shade, soaked from the raindrops. Back in the kitchen, the layers of paint deepen and delicate details immerge as Iris stamps, sponges and scrapes at the surface, uncovering bright colours beneath the dark blue. An image appears: a cat’s face in the shadows. This connection is so strong that it transmits through Iris’s art, a bond breaking through barriers, revealing the brilliance hidden within.’


At this time Iris was painting most days and the name of this painting was given to describe how it gave her a sense of balance and stability in this world.  Her senses appeared to be in order, she felt more at ease and happier after each painting was completed.  She was self-regulating through the act of painting finding her own Equilibrium.  

Magic Flute

Magic Flute was painted while listening to Mozarts Opera ‘Magic Flute’. It was around the same time as Iris’s interest in music intensified. It has a gorgeous array of soft colours which go from mossy greens to light yellows and pale purples. The painterly textures are wonderful across this print, creating unique details.

We are excited to launch this collection and share Iris’s talent with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have loved creating these stunning fabric prints. Do visit our website to see the whole collection click here.

To see how we have made a dress from one of the silk prints then do have a look at the BLOG.

If you would like to know more about Iris Grace’s paintings or about the charity which Arabella has sent up to support Autistic children then do visit her website to find out more: Iris Grace Painting or Little Explorers Activity Club

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