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Hayley Reynolds – Bespoke Silk Scarf

Hayley Reynolds – has been working with us to create her first silk scarf design. She is the resident Artist for the famous Confetti Fields in Wick, a breathtaking field of delphiniums open to the public just ten days of the year in June/July.

Hayley creates beautiful floral paintings using her inspiration from the confetti fields. She paints using different methods. Hayley paints with acrylics and watercolour as well as using Italian marble plasters to create contemporary frescoes. She really is a true multidisciplinary artist!

The Silk Scarf Journey

“It has always been a dream to transfer my art into various products. This has now become a dream come true! Working with Beckford Silk has been an incredible experience from design, through to proofing and then final quality check and packaging. It was very important to me that the silk scarves were high quality and made in England. I love the journey of this silk scarf, the story and the many hands involved. 

For the silk scarf, I chose a painting I had created for the 2020 Confetti Fields exhibition. It was a miracle that the exhibition went ahead! Due to the bad weather from the previous year, the first seeded field of delphiniums failed to grow. This meant the field would needed to be resown and the flowers would then bloom a month later. Which did have its benefits! – as it was decided that sunflowers could now be sown in the same field . This created an incredible combination of colour! My chosen painting depicts not only the delphiniums but also the additional sunflowers grown that year.

After a consultation with Anne who, with her incredible extensive knowledge, helped me chose the appropriate size and fabric it was off to designer Victoria to work on the initial painting and create the perfect design for the finished scarf. She was so attentive to my ideas and incredibly patient with me. Her fabulous eye for design and colour really helped me make the best decisions for border colour. 

The print file is then passed to the printer Robbie, whose keen eyes ensured all the colours are correct and the silk scarf gives a true representation of the painting itself… texture and all! After printing and seeing the first proof of the silk scarf. They went to be hand rolled by the very talented seamstress Melanie. She created that perfect finish of a high end accessory that I’d always had in mind.

Lastly the silk scarves then get their important quality control check, by Naomi. Who then irons and beautifully packages them into a boxes, complete with black ribbon attached to finish. The silk scarves are then ready for purchasing!

A thoroughly enjoyable creative journey and hopefully the start of many. Thank you all at Beckford Silk for helping me make a product I can be truly proud of”.

The silk scarf is now available to purchase through her details on her website. If you want to find out more about Hayley’s workshops and paintings do visit her website. Instagram or Facebook page. You will find Hayley at the Confetti Fields in June/July for the open days – where she’ll be exhibiting her new 2023 collection. Find out more from her website.

If you have been inspired by Hayley’s blog and are an artist. We can help you to make your artwork into a wearable silk scarf. Here is a link for more information on how you can do this – Click here.

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