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Gooseberry – Silk Fabric Print

The Gooseberry silk fabric print is new silk fabric print.The inspiration is taken from the painting by Antonia Black. This beautiful silk fabric print is a deep blue in colour, with flecks of reds and yellow.

Bottle Brush Painting by Antonia Black with silk fabric

Antonia’s painting depicts Bottle Brush flowers, a French jug and a moroccan bowl of fruits – which included gooseberries. It was this detail that I used as a repeat in this fabric design. I also took the dot details which surround the painted gooseberries. To add texture to the background.

The detail taken from the Bottle Brush painting – slightly smaller scale.

The scale of the Gooseberry silk fabric print is slightly smaller than the original painting. As I wanted to make sure the print would be a wearable size, for anyone making a garment with the silk fabric. I also designed the fabric to be a non directional print. This makes it is easier when cutting out pattern pieces to make up a dress or top.

In choosing such a close up detail from Antonia’s painting. You can see the texture of her painting techniques. I love that the crayon and pastel markings can be easily seen within the silk fabric print.

Do watch the video to find out about Antonia’s still life painting and the techniques she used to create the wonderful artwork.

This is such a versatile print, the blue is such a wonderful rich colour with splashes of red and yellow to create highlights within the fabric print. I think this is now a favourite of mine! To see more about this collaboration and all the prints we developed with Antonia, then do have a look at this BLOG.

The Gooseberry print is part of our new signature print collection. To buy from the silk fabric print collection do visit our website

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