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Felting with Silk – Creating Landscapes

Hi, I’m Steph Jansen, a wet felt artist living and working in Derbyshire, UK. My felt landscapes are made by layering deeply coloured and textural wools, silks and fibres to reflect my interest in ancient places marked by use, my love of trees and walking in my local countryside.

They are developed from pencil, charcoal and watercolour sketches made during my walks. I use water, soap and friction to felt the finished designs, creating a strong fabric which is then mounted on wooden stretcher bars or board for display.

I am interested in creating an emotional connection and sense of place, as well as a wealth of detail and contrast unusual in felted media. The videos I have made for Beckford Silk show how I have used their beautiful fabrics to embellish my felt art work.

Meet Steph Jansen and follow her felting techniques in these videos.
Adding Beckford Silk fabrics into the felt landscapes.
Felt Landscape pictures – ready for felting
Beautiful finished results!

Many thanks to Steph, for sharing her processes about how she created her felted landscapes using silk from Beckford Silk. The silks used within the pictures really do add lovely textures and colours. The final result is beautiful. If you would like to see more of Steph’s landscapes then do go to her website or follow her on Instagram We hope that you enjoyed watching the videos, if you have a craft which involves silk then do let us know in the comments below.

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