Different Weaves and Weights of Silk

Happy Friday – Today we wanted to share with you the types of silks which we keep in stock on our website. Showing the different weights which can be used for your me-made garments.

Below are 12 pictures of our most popular weaves of 100% pure silk, these photos show the different levels of transparency and drape of each silk.

As you can see the we have a large variety, starting from the light silks which can be used as overlays to medium weights, which are best for dresses and tops. The heavier weights are very popular for trousers or summer jackets.

For dressmaking our most popular silks are the silk crepe de chine – 16 momme and the silk satin – 16 momme. The crepe de chine has a matt texture and the silk satin has a sheen to the surface. Both of these silks have a lovely weight to them and the drape is fantastic for making dresses, especially a style with a full skirt.

The best silk we stock for lining a garment is silk habotai – 8 momme, its a lovely light silk which is very soft and feels wonderful next to your skin.

The heavier weight silks, are 30 momme in weight. We stock them in the silk crepe de chine and silk satin weaves. As they are heavier weaves you may not need a lining silk behind, when creating your garment.

If you would like to know more details about each silk then do click on the individual images as they have links to the pages on our website.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog page – we hope you will join us next Friday.

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