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Custom Scarf Printing

Would you like the opportunity to have your very own custom designed scarf printed onto silk and finished here at Beckford Silk? Well now you can, we are offering a custom silk scarf printing service so you can create a perfect keepsake. Perhaps you have a mile stone event coming up and would like to treat your family and friends to a unique gift created by you. Maybe you are an artist or photographer and would like to see your work on silk scarves. We can help you create the perfect scarves for any occasion.

How it Works

Before sending us your finished design, you may want to have a chat with Anne. She has over 30 years experience in developing scarf designs for museum and heritage customers, and will be delighted to discuss your idea with you and give you tips and pointers.

Once we receive your finished artwork, we will check it over thoroughly. We will come back to you if there are any issues that we feel need resolving before we go ahead with printing your design on silk.

Printing scarves on our digital printer

Things to think about when designing your scarf

Do not reproduce any part of someone else’s work unless you have permission to do so. Using your own photography or artwork is absolutely fine.  Downloading and using an image from the internet is not.

When you are laying out your design, think about how the scarf is going to be worn. A square scarf is often folded diagonally and tied around the neck. This means that the most important areas of the square are the corners, as these are the parts that show. If it’s a long scarf, think how it will hang around the neck. You might want to turn your design at the half way point so that you don’t have any elements ‘upside down’ at one end.

Philip Sutton – Themis
Westminster Abbey – Poets Corner
Tate – Lily Rose

You may want your design to run off the edges, but had you thought of including a small border, or even better, a piped coloured edge? We often frame a design with a contrast colour which really showcases the scarf’s beautiful hand rolled finish.

Perhaps you would like to add your signature in one corner? This is after all a fine art print on silk. You can supply your signature or logo as a separate file in black on white and we will then size and position it for you. 

Below are a few example of scarves we have already printed for customers.

If you would like any more information on the custom scarf printing service or how to get in touch with Anne, then do click here to check out our page on the website.

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