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Camel Tea Pot – Silk Fabric Print

Antonia Black is well known for her still life paintings. When we started this silk fabric collaboration with Antonia, I knew that I wanted to include her still life into the collection. So we chose ‘The Camel Jug’ Painting to be developed into a fabric print.

Antonia likes to add lots of elements to her still life composition so that they aren’t boring to paint. The camel jug painting is no exception, here you can see a chair, a camel jug and a moroccan teapot put together. There is also a colourful fabric which sits behind the objects – to add some extra patterns.

The final painting is a striking explosion of colour. You see different elements to the painting each time you look at it. Which is a concept I wanted to develop into the silk fabric print.

The painting intrigued me as a designer, I saw a challenge to create this painting into a fabric repeat! As I wanted to include as much of the painting into the design as I could.

I had a few false starts, before realising that I needed to tackle it as a grid. So I made small sections of the details by focusing on the different still life elements. Before bringing them together using the red and blue brushstrokes in the painting as a background.

I knew is would need to be a direction print due to the multiple elements in the painting. However the final scale and design is small enough, and very busy to allow a maker not to have to match up the repeat print. I did make some trousers from this print. (you can see Antonia wearing them!) As they were floaty in style I didn’t need to match up the repeat. Depending on the pattern for a garment, you may not have to pattern match this fabric print. Which makes life so much easier when sewing!


To find out more about this painting and how Antonia creates a still life do watch the video below.

We have called this silk fabric print ‘Camel Tea Pot’. I’ve really enjoyed creating this fabric print design collection inspired by Antonia’s painting. It’s wonderful to collaborate with an artist to make their art into a wearable silk fabric design. Ready for sewers and makers to create something else from it. To see more about this collaboration and all the prints we developed with Antonia, then do have a look at this BLOG.

Do visit our website to see the rest of our signature print collection. – CLICK HERE

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