Bunting from swatches

With the Queens Jubilee coming up why not put all of those swatches and left over bits of fabric to good use, add a splash of colour around your festivities.

If you are like me and have a hard time choosing the perfect fabric for your next project and end up with a stash of swatches so big your having trouble closing the drawer or finding new places to hide them from your partner, then this is a great easy project to clear some space. No sew bunting is so simple to make can easily be made in under an hour and no need for expensive tools or to add to the stash. The end result will bring joy to any room or festivity.

Easy No Sew Bunting – Single Sided

Supplies needed

Remove your swatches from the swatch card.
Using the template cut the triangle shape from the swatch, or folding the swatch in half cut from the folded corner to the opposite diagonal corner, use pinking shears to trim two sides, leaving the top longest edge straight.

Cut hemming web in to strips of 13cm in length and the width of your ribbon.
Place the hemming web between the straight edge and the ribbon and Iron at a medium heat. Careful not to catch your fingers, it can be a bit fiddly.

Repeat until all of the swatches are used and you have the desired length of bunting.

And now all you need to do is find the perfect spot to hang your wonderful new creation and enjoy, preferably with tea and cake.

Sewn Bunting – Pretty from both sides

For an extra challenge you might like to make a double sided sewn version.

Cut out your triangles, pin two of them together pattern facing in, sew with a running stitch along the two shorter edges.

Turn the bunting so the pattern is facing out, you might need to use a knitting needle or something similar to push out the point, iron the seems flat, trim the top level, repeat until you have enough triangles.

Sew the triangles on to ribbon, or make your own ribbon using strips of fabric and a bias maker. by folding the ribbon over the un-sewn edge and using a straight running stitch to secure.

Hang, go and grab a cup of tea and cake and admire.

Bunting from Beckford Silk Swatches. Cakes supplied by Fantastically Fresh, The Eatery.

Written and Photos by Liz

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