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Bring on Summer Time!

This week I’ve created a sleeveless shell top ready for summer. The pattern is taken from The Great British Sewing Bee – Fashion with Fabric, book by Claire – Louise Hardie. I’ve made it a few times in cotton, but never with silk! It’s quite simple to make – with only a button and loop for the opening, so no fiddly zips to put in.

Cutting out the fabric pieces was quite easy, as I’ve chosen a busy fabric pattern and have decide not to pattern match.

The print is called Brush strokes – Orange and Aqua, in the silk crepe de chine.

Next I needed to add interfacing to my facings. I’ve used iron on medium weight interfacing, to add structure to the neck and armholes. Its easy to use and doesn’t mark the silk.

I used a high temperature on the iron to fix the interfacing. Silk can take the heat- so don’t be afraid to use a hot iron.

I made sure my sewing machine had a new needle and did a few tension tests, ready to start sewing. Sewing the top was quite straight forward. I was worried that it would slip as I was sewing, but I did managed to lie up all my notches as I pieced the top together (breathe sigh of relief!).

I then pressed open all the seams to create a crisp finish and hand sewed a matching blue button on the back for the final touch. I’m very happy with the final result – the silk feels very light and soft to wear. The print is so colourful and fun, it will be perfect to wear on a hot sunny day. I’m just hoping that summer will come early!

What summer garments are you creating? – we would love to hear about them. Have you used Brush Stokes Orange and Aqua in one of your makes? – do share your creations with us in the comments below.

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