Antonia Black – ‘Poppies and Insects’

Our collaboration with artist Antonia Black, has led to five fabulous silk fabric prints. Here is one of the floral repeat designs within the collection. This beautiful silk print is called ‘Poppies and Insects’. It’s a delicate silk fabric print, with wonderful details, do read on to find out more about it.

The details in the silk fabric print are taken from a still life painting which Antonia set up in her garden. Using geraniums and poppy heads in her favourite moroccan turquoise jug. Antonia paints using a mixed media of gouache, pastel, crayon and also sepia ink. The insects are ink drawn and can be seen scattered amongst the flowers.

It was these delicate elements which I wanted to use in the fabric repeat. The vibrant flowers have been repeated across the fabric with the colourful poppy heads surrounding them. The hand drawn insects can be seen hidden within the flowers, so you will need to look closely to find them!

Below is a short video about how Antonia Black painted ‘Poppies and Insects’. It is lovely to hear about Antonia’s method of painting and her thought processes when she created the final artwork.

Antonia Black – describing her method of painting ‘ Poppies and Insects’

To see more about this collaboration and all the prints we developed with Antonia, then do have a look at this BLOG.

If you would like to find out more about this silk fabric print – here is a link to the page on out website – CLICK HERE

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