Anne Joelle Galley – Signature Prints

Hello! today we are introducing international painter, colourist and print-maker Anne-Joëlle Galley.

Anne -Joëlle studied in Europe joining various painting ateliers and art courses. Including Sotheby’s and ICA- Institute of Contemporary Art/Christies in London.  In the late 90s’, she enrolled at “The Art Students’ League of New York”. This is where she first became involved with print-making.  Anne-Joëlle uses various techniques and materials, yet, colour remains her signature.  Techniques include painting, various forms of print-making, collage and assemblage.

Iris Blue – printed on silk satin

Anne-Joëlle has created 3 beautiful prints which are part of our signature print collection. They are stunning in colour and you can see brush stokes and paper collage of the design, which adds texture to the print.

Sunflowers – made into cushions

Anne-Joëlle’s paintings, monotypes and prints are strongly influenced by intense colours.
She often works directly with her fingers, on paper, canvas, board and metal. The process of her creations include ‘building up’ the pieces much like a sculpture.
Anne-Joëlle has exhibited in the U.S.A, Mexico, Italy, England, Switzerland, Spain and Romania.

Anne-Joëlle prints lift the spirits and are excellent for statement pieces and her signature is vibrant colour. My favourite is the iris blue – I think it would make a stunning dress for a special occasion. Some customers have purchased the prints to make pictures or use them for cushions. Which I think is such a great idea to bring art into the home.

Iris Blue – Made into a cushion

“In a world whose reality can often be somber, art brings you a sparkle of hope.” Anne-Joelle Galley

We hope you enjoy these fabric prints as much as we have enjoyed creating them with Anne-Joelle. They really are one of the highlights in our signature collection.

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Aliza cohen
Aliza cohen
1 year ago

Beautiful! You are so talented!!!

anita b.v.
anita b.v.
1 year ago

Merci! Les couleurs c’est la vie
Thank you! colors are Life